District Badin

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Badin a district rich natural resources





BADIN is a district which is full of every asset of life ,either it is Agriculture,Petrole,Gas, Sugar mills,Sea shore,and nice people with pleasant faces,and hard worker.Badin is a district which produces 50% petrole of Pakistan which makes almost 50000 barrel per day,and also produce gas for all Sindh and Pakistan too.

Badin has 9 sugar mills which clearly shows the strength of this district in the area of industry ,so through this we produce 44% sugar of Sindh.in Badin there are not big cities but there are towns in which there are ,






BADIN also touches with other districts of sindh in which there are


The great indus river also flows in this district ,but as this district is in the end of indus river so there is always shoratge of water specially in winter season and in summer too.
Badin also touches it's international border with INDIA through the desert of THAR ,so there is always a tention in the borderd touched area .this district is also rich in agricultural the crops which grows here are








the traditional people of Badin are known as (the people of LARR)SHAH ABDUL LATIF is also known as the poet of LARR language, which is another proud for the people of this region in Badin there are also some visiting places in which there are Roopa Marri which is famous for the true story of Dodo Chanesar,and another one is Ali Poor Mori which is a nice point away 10 k.m from matli

MELA is anothet heritage of this district but in these days this heritage is need a hurry aid to cure this heritage ,there are few mela's in this district in which,Melo of (Sawan fakir), Melo of (Sajan Sawai) and Melo of (Ghulam Hayder)are top of the list.In the water system there are few main water flow canals in which there are Phuleli,chanel,akram wah and pinjari are most famous.BADIN is a region where every people can live easily because the climate of this region is very comfortable.the weather of this district is remain normal it means not too hot neither cold.

on one side this district is full of every asset of life but despite all of that this district always remains in problems,where here are sugar mills but unfortunately the formers and zamindars never gets reasonable price for their crops.where here are wells of oil and gas but unfortunately there is no gas facility in all district (except few towns),there is also a cheap system of communication because the 70% people does not have the basic phone facility,despite we touches with the international border but we don't have smooth roads that is the reason that hardly 20% of people can interact with the internet service which is a serious problem.another huge problem which is raising like flood water in this district is (DRUG ADDICTION)which is also causing huge problems for this district.lack of medical facilities are also unreasonable which causes lot of lives lost in this region.

the women education is also a serious problem hardly 20% of womans are counted as literate ,this same problem is also raising in men region and the basic factors of all these problem are







despite all of thses problems ,we can say that this district has the potential to grow but it definately needs the atmosphere of strong growers,it can be develop but it needs honest and kind hearted people,it can be clean if you want to make it clean,really i always think that despite all of these assets why we are backward ,why our youngsters are killing their time? why we have high ratio of unemployment? why we have raising ratio in drugs?why our people are tired of thier lives ?let's think today that despite all these potentials why we are backward? let's think today from the bottom of our heart and try to find out the solutions of these all abuses .